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Business Development and Mobile Apps

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ToDOne App

To Done is a simple, clean and functional To Do list application. To Done was created for those of us that get more done while utilizing a To Do List. The next best thing since Pen and Paper. GeoFence and Network Functionality. No in app purchases.
Platforms: iOS, Android, Web Interface
Technology Features: Geofencing

Trust But Verify

The Trust But Verify app provides accountability and verification for persons required to track attendance to addiction meetings and providers resources to mitigate and prevent relapse.
Platforms: iOS, Android, Web Interface
Technology Features: Facial Recognition

National Insurance Network

We built a web interface and app to connect more than 80,000 insurance agents to NIN to expedite the quoting, purchasing and delivery of insurance process.
Platforms: iOS, Android, Web Interface
Additional Services: Website Development, SEO, Social Media Presence, Increase Domain Value

Coming Home by More Too Life

The Coming Home app was designed to connect Human Trafficking and Sexual Trafficking victims to resources based on their location, give them an anonymous means of reporting criminal activity and allow them interact with professionals who provide need specific help.
Platforms: iOS, Android, Web Interface
Technology Features: Geofencing, Facial Recognition, Blockchain Anonymity Interaction, AWS Government Cloud Security
Additional Services: Website Development (More Too Life), Social Media Presence, SEO


The BLUE H.E.L.P. is an app that will provide resources and assistance to first responders dealing with a personal crisis.  The non-profit organization aims to Honor, Educate, Lead and Prevent suicide among America's heroes.
Platforms: iOS, Android, Web Interface
Technology Features: Geofencing, Blockchain Anonymity Interaction

Grind Fit

Grind Fit is a private, RF ID access, full service and 24hr gym with several hundred members, dozens of trainers and competitors from all over the United States.  
Platforms: iOs and Android - in progress
Additional Services: Convert Website to eCommerce, Social Media Presence

The Highlight Real

The Highlight Real

The Highlight Real app is expected to revolutionize the social media market for athletes.  The app will allow student-athletes to track their sport specific accomplishments, academic progress and physical capabilities while connecting the end user with tutors, position coaches and future coaches.
Platforms: iOs and Android - in progress
Additional Services: Social Media Presence

Bridge Media Group

At the height of Body Worn Camera footage compilation in early 2014, we provided Bridge Media Group with AI processing of video for keywords, faces and other object recognition in order to streamline the redaction process under Public Records Requests.  Bridge Media Group provided the first ever professional services to the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department in 2014.

Intrensic / GoPro

Intrensic is the most advanced video capture platform for Law Enforcement. Intrensic has created a dynamic end to end digital evidence management solution. Evidence on Cloud storage retains your digital evidence always secure, always available. Intrensic is a GoPro Authorized Reseller and is not owned or operated by GoPro wholly or in part. 
In 2018, we integrated SSO into their Digital Evidence Management Platform.
logo NL.png

Next Levelz

Next Levelz is a Florida based 7v7 football organization that provides athletes the training needed to make an impact during high school and have those efforts recognized by collegiate scouts.  We developed their OPMS, or online player management system to streamline to process of onboarding and registering athletes for programs and tournaments.
bohiq logo.png
Bohiq is a service platform that connects Certified Athletic Trainers with athletic events. Bohiq has created a one stop platform for events to hire athletic trainers. Bohiq handles everything from vetting the athletic trainers to payment processing to providing the athletic trainer with pertinent logistical information so they arrive when you need them.
Platforms: iOs and Android - in progress

V4V - Veterans for Veterans

V4V is a mobile platform connects Veterans to Veterans and Veterans to Resources.
Platforms: iOs and Android - in progress
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